Workshops & Programs

Food As Medicine

Every Sunday 11.30am (1hr) $25

Location: the Masonic Temple

Facilitator: Frances Paderno

Details and Information:

The purpose of this workshop is to address ‘Harvest Season’ and the Healing, Transformation, Repair & Rejuvenation that can be activated during this season by using specific foods, herbs, spices for ‘Cell Wellbeing’. This ‘Autumn medicine’ workshop will be showcasing my everyday ways of creating home remedies, plant based kitchen therapies, Autumn nutrition based on seasonal harvest produce and the energetic rhythm and pattern of the season.

This gathering will offer an opportunity to pass forward kitchen medicine knowledge and recipes, and share a variety of healing and nourishing elixirs.

The workshop will also include some discussions on how to charge your home made medicinals with healing energy using energy medicine, stone medicine,intent, sacred geometry, and the importance of establishing a kitchen medicine chest during this time of the year

In brief, the Autumn Season, especially the Autumn Equinox, is honored for abundant harvests and awareness of the Laws and Forces of Nature. It is a time of the year that I teach more deeply about ‘Natural Laws- relating to food as medicine’ and ‘Natural Medicines’ incorporating aspects of Foods as Medicine and understanding the ways of ‘traditional natural medicines’. This program will be steeped in teachings on ‘Energy Medicine relating to Autumn Harvest Season.

As the Season changes it tends to have an effect on our sense of awareness and general energy levels (as well as digestion). How we use and cook with certain foods can make a big difference to our emotional feelings, stability, as well as our mental wellness. The series of workshops starting this Sunday will give me an opportunity to present to you how to approach food as medicine in your own kitchens to help address whatever aspects of your health needs deeper healing and repair.

If you are interested in joining us for these sessions please let me know and i will send you further details.




2nd April 11.30am (1hr) $25


Location: Masonic Temple

Expressions of interest are invited.

Over a few 1 hr sessions (at this stage the first session may be held on Easter Monday , cost $25 ) I will be offering classes that will focus on sharing knowledge and awareness of crystals, gems and sacred stones.

Incorporated in these sessions is information on **healing minerals** and how healing minerals can be used as “ food as medicine” and “ kitchen medicine” … I will cover the medicine making that can enable the consumption of these precious therapeutic minerals and how our body absorbs mineral based energy medicine and how it remineralises . We will study and discuss what mineral medicine is, how to use mineral medicine and the physical and energy medicine from these precious , sacred minerals that have be utilised throughout history to promote groundedness , mental clarity, realignment of the skeletal structure and digestive strength.

For those of you who practice yoga the incorporation of crystals, gems and sacred stones is helpful to the energy balancing of the physical, emotional and mental layers. Understanding the role that minerals play in cell wellness for the betterment of human movement and opening up a persons range of human movement will be incorporated in these sessions . This knowledge is valuable to the yogic practitioner.

If you are interested please let me know .

Namaste 🙏


Wild Mind Walking

Conscious walking meditation & yoga along the Great Ocean Walk, starting from Apollo Bay, 2hr  ($50).  Be inspired by the rugged southern coast line and the iconic southern ocean.

Entering the landscape of your mind, take steps towards:

Attaining clarity

Developing Focus & Single Pointed Attention

Developing Mental fitness

Increase self awareness

Being with yourself

Developing & Sustaining Mindfullness

Wild Mind Walking Cards Apollo Bay 1

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