The Blue Corner Radio Show

The Blue Corner Radio Show is dedicated to men’s mental & emotional health. The title is a take on the blue corner in the fighting or boxing ring where the home fighter sits to regain his or hers composure, seek advice from the trainer and tweak the strategy a little. The red corner is the visiting fighter, in this case its the overwhelming emotions and fears and mental struggle that can sometime visit any one of us during our lives. Fabio Paderno is trained in Goju Ryu Karate and is a Yoga Teacher and student and has experienced the infinite benefits that have been recognised through focus and discipline as well as stepping out of comfort zones and into the frontiers of the un-known. He has put together this show to provide a discussion platform to openly talk about topics relating to the issues surround mental health, and to encourage men to step forward and ask for help, or open your mind to new and different possibilities.

The show endeavours to have weekly guests come in and and share the chair in The Blue Corner that are health and wellbeing professionals that shed light on some tools available to men to allow them to take the first step within their community to ask for help and receive it. Other guests come in and chat about their personal experience’s and how they have managed depression, anxiety & relationship struggles,  or are still seeking more knowledge to allow them to navigate this somewhat difficult terrain by openly talking about it.

Fabio has also created the Apollo Bay Community Chest where he has asked those providing health and well being services in the community if they are willing to donate services into the community chest so that members of the community can come forward and try these services, especially if they are doing it tough and finances just don’t allow them. You can find more details on what is available in the community chest by clicking The Apollo Bay Community Chest here or visit the tab on this website.

You can listen live every Monday at 7:30 pm at or tune in on the radio at 87.6fm in and around Apollo Bay or click any of the episodes below to listen.

All I ask blokes to do is put your hand up if your struggling…

“Fitness is not just physical, discipline is not just hard, practice does not always make us perfect, but understanding the challenges and tempering your spirit is of utmost importance”

Accept that which you have



#001 Losing Your Place in The Que 6th August 2018

#002 Checking The Connections 13th August 2018

#003 When It All Closes In 20th August 2018

#004 How Do You Fail 27th August 2018

#005 Youth & Young Manhood 3rd August 2018

#006 The Most Expensive 5 Inches Of Real Estate 10th August 2018

#007 Its a Rap…. Or is it?

#008 The Physical Mind with Dr Dale Wilson (Osteopath)

#009 Nathan Swain From Otway E-Bikes

#010 Mark Bunn ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’

#011 Scotty Mcallester The Man with the Smile  

#012 Adversity Introduces a Man to Himself: Darren Dasha Smith

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