Zeolites Powder 50g


Zeolites – The Ultimate Longevity Supporter!

Nourish Hair, Skin & Gently Detoxify for as little as 65c/day!

Zeolites are a powerful detox superfood that can help bind to toxins in the body and gently and safely remove them. Zeolites increase nutrient assimilation, protein uptake and immune support. Zeolites are high in trace minerals and helps to buffer the bodies pH to a more alkaline (7.2pH) state. Zeolites is a powerful antioxidant food that is great for the hair, skin and nails.

Benefits of Zeolites:




Hair and Skin



Trace Minerals


What are Zeolites?

Teelixir Zeolites is a natural aluminosilicate zeolite mineral, micronised into an ultrafine powder. It was created by the earth and formed many millions of years ago, from volcanic rock and ash meeting with water to form a unique micro-porous alumni-silicate crystal with an open cage “honey-comb” structure with a strong negative charge.

The strong negative charge and “honey-comb” structure of the zeolites has the ability to electro-magnetically trap and hold positively charged particles like heavy metals and other nasty toxins like DDT, dioxins, PCB’s, pesticides, herbicides, radio-active particles and some viral particles. Through a process known as cation exchange, zeolites can safely and gently remove these heavy metals and other contaminates through normal excretory processes, allowing the immune system to operate more efficiently.

Where does Zeolites come from?

Teelixir Zeolites are sourced from New Zealand. The characteristics of the New Zealand zeolite differ from the Australian source, having a higher CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) and a better mineral profile.

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What’s in it?

Ingredients: Zeolites Powder (Aluminosilicate Zeolite Mineral)*

* 100% All-natural Aluminosilicate Zeolite Minerals micronised into an ultrafine powder. No added grains, fillers, preservatives, salt, sugar, or starch.

Healthy Dose.

We recommend starting with 1/2 tsp per day. If you know you are sensitive, you may want to start with less. When your body feels ready, you can increase your dosage according to your needs and daily requirements.

Maintenance Dose: 1/2 tsp per day.
Cleansing Dose: 1 tablespoon or more per day.

Topical Application:
To make a detoxifying clay mask, mix 1 tsp Zeolites powder or more into a bowl. Add enough water and stir with a spoon until it forms a thick clay paste. Apply the paste to the face or other desired skin areas and leave for 10-15 mins or until completely dry. Wash off with fresh water.

Zeolites Precautions:

  • Zeolites should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


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