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In essence i truly believe we are moving towards realizing our unlimited potential in a somewhat limited realm. Having spent 15 years in the corporate sector, i can look back and honestly say that adversity is not an insurmountable obstacle.

The tempering of the human spirit is paramount to myself. Having gravitated towards martial arts early in life, i realised the serious potentiality we have as humans. Having gained trust, faith and love from my teachers i quickly understood the importance of spirit and how vital it is for the physical body to be conditioned, unlocked and unencumbered to allow the essence of who we are(Spirit), to seek expression. It was only natural that a move into yoga asana practice and philosophy alongside Frances Paderno (Teacher of Hatha Yoga & Ashtanga-Vinyasa Method); the skill of Bodywork and Life skills-mentoring took form.

As a father i also see how important it is that we recognize Rights of Passage that cater for children’s needs, for hands on learning: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

I offer a safe, gentle and nurturing space for those wanting to undertake the task of seeking and who are inclined to look beyond the everyday and work with the obstacles they may be facing.

From yoga classes that incorporate philosophy and asana practice, workshops and retreats both general public and tailored corporate programs and hands on bodywork for mind body and spirit alignment, i draw from Life experience to empower the seeker.


“Fitness is not just physical, discipline is not just hard, practice does not always make us perfect, but understanding the challenges and tempering your spirit is of utmost importance”

Accept that which you have


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