Medicinal Winter Soups July 1st 11:30am -12:30pm

Sunday 1st July 11.30am
Medicinal Winter Soups 🍲 🥣 🍜
“Soup is a beverage, a tonic, and a source of nourishment for longevity”- join us this Sunday for a food as medicine ( kitchen medicine ) gathering to discuss and share the tradition of wintertime soups and soup-making.

Location : Masonic Temple- Apollo Bay
Cost : $ 25
Time : 11.30am
Duration : 1 hr
Facilitator: Frances Paderno

This Sunday’s kitchen medicine session will focus on – ‘The tradition of winter soup making and how these soups are used as Tonics and as Medicinal Remedies for Longevity. Soups and broths hold a special place in traditional medicine, the healing properties are derived from the plants and herbs used to make the broths 🌿 . They contain an abundance of antiviral and antimicrobial benefits and tend to work on the persons emotional state as well as physical ailment.

Wintertime soup recipes are used for ailments specific to the winter season . These soup recipes are also used to Restore, Regenerate and Revitalize the Cellular Health & Spirit . Within Yogic Medicine they are called ‘RASAYANAS’…special remedies used to replenish and cultivate the body’s ‘Inner Nectar’ so the body and mind is able to heal and repair itself at a deep cellular level and energetic level. These wintertime soups have a very special affinity with the immune system and plasma body, but they also serve a wide range of purposes as powerful healing soups.

The ‘Longevity’ Winter Soup Recipes, are ancient ‘cure all‘ recipes found in every culture that have been used as remedies to aid in increasing natural immunity, enhancing general wellbeing, improving the functioning of all fundamental organs of the body, and harmonising the aging process.

Let me know if you are interested.

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