AUTUMN BEACH YOGA – Ashtanga vinyasa.
Labour Day weekend
Sat 10th , Sun 11th & Mon 13th March

Join us this weekend for 9am classes @ Marengo Beach on the rocks (at the base of the Marengo Holiday Park).

Ashtanga Vinyasa Method, is a flowing yoga practice that offers healing, repair and rejuvenation to the body and mind. When this method is practiced by the ocean, deep therapeutic benefits can be obtain at the mind level by just listening to the sounds of the ocean and applying deep rhythmic breathing as we move from posture to posture.

If weather is not suitable for outdoor classes then they will be held at 9am at the Masonic Temple in Apollo Bay (15 McLachlan Steet).

$15 for a casual session, or $12 if you attend regularly over the weekend.

What to bring:
-beach towel
-Yoga mat, if you have one
-bottle of water

Hope to see you over the weekend.
Fab & Frances.


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